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The Catholic Faith and Family Bible is designed to be a part of daily family living. It will be found throughout the house: at the dinner table as part of family prayer, on the living room coffee table as part of family discussion, in the parents' bedroom as a source of inspiration and solace, in a teen's room as a source of learning and guidance. The one place you won't find this Bible: tucked away in a corner of a remote bookshelf.

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible was created to make the Bible easier to read and understand for ordinary Catholic families, draw readers into the power of God's Word, and help Catholic families grow in faith together. Most important, Catholic families will discover God's message for their lives today!
The Catholic Faith and Family Bible comes with ...

Section and Book Introductions

Each section of the Bible (Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Literature, Prophets, Gospels and Acts, and Letters and Revelation), as well as each book of the Bible, begins with an informative introduction written specifically for Catholic families, and includes the following parts:  intro image 
  • A quick snapshot of the main theme and summary of the book, highlighting the major stories or people and lessons for today.
  • Outline. This breaks down the book content by chapters, identifying major themes, events, and people.
  • Background. This offers interesting facts about the author, the date the book was written, the audience, and the literary style.
  • Overview. This section expands on the quick snapshot, providing a cultural and historical context, while walking you through each major theme in the book.
  • For the Family/Parental Note. Highlights themes for the family or helpful tips for parents on sharing the Word of God with children.

Text Articles. Short articles are woven throughout each book to aid in family discussion and to highlight key passages in the Bible. These include:

make the connection image Make the Connection. Offers important facts about the Bible and the Catholic faith, addresses difficult Bible questions, and shows how the bible is relevant to Catholic family life today.
take it to heart image Take It to Heart. Invites the family to reflect on a biblical passage and discover God's message for their life today.
act on it image Act On It! Encourages the family to engage in something active that the biblical passage may inspire, such as works of mercy or justice.
meet the people image Meet the People. Introduces important people in the Bible and lessons that can be learned from them.
pray the word image Pray the Word. Provides simple prayers and rituals for the family to help guide their prayer with Scripture.
reflection lines image Reflection Lines. Highlights key biblical verses to offer an insight or lesson that reinforces the biblical message.

Reading the Bible as a Catholic Family. This articles explores six helpful and practical ways that Catholic families can read the Bible and interpret its meaning.

Bible Reading Tools. There are a host of helpful tools to take the family into passages of Scripture that pertain to all the different moments of their lives. These tools include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions About the Bible
  • Passages for the Events of Family Living
  • Families Praying with the Bible
  • Index of Text Articles
  • Reading Plans
  • Great Stories of the Bible
  • Maps of the Holy Land during Biblical Times

Catholic Tools. This Bible also contains a variety of features that connect the Bible with Catholic faith and practice. These include:

  • Presentation Pages, including Sacraments entries, located in the front of this Bible
  • The Bible in the Mass
  • Catholic Prayers
  • Sunday Lectionary Readings

*The Catholic Faith and Family Bible uses the New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, which is fully approved for use by Catholics by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in accord with Canon 825 of the Code of Canon Law (see All of the additional material developed for this Bible, as described above, has been thoroughly reviewed by several highly respected Catholic Scripture scholars as well as pastoral ministry leaders. This material has also undergone ecclesial review and has been granted an imprimatur by Archbishop John G. Vlazny, Archbishop of Portland in Oregon.



The Catholic Faith and Family Bible ...

  • is easy to read and understand
  • draws readers into the power of God's word
  • helps Catholic families discover God's message for their life today
  • brings the family together
  • is approved by the Catholic Church (imprimatur)
  • contains Catholic connections throughout
  • offers justice connections throughout
  • extends intergenerational faith growth to the home

Catholic Faith & Family Bible (CFFB)

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible was developed so families could read, understand, and apply Scripture to their daily lives and grow in faith together.

Biblia Católica de la Familia (BCF)

La Biblia Católica de la Familia fue diseñada para que las familias pudieran leer, entender y aplicar las Escrituras en su vida diaria y para que sus miembros puedan crecer unidos en la fe.