We believe that every Catholic middle school youth should experience a mission trip that connects the hands of service with the heart of Jesus.

Just5Days models Christian discipleship by connecting hands-on community service work with the teachings of our Catholic faith.

We provide personalized support, pre-trip materials, and everything you need to plan for a powerful and transformative mission week.

Once registered, you will receive a Team Preparation Manual to help prepare your young people and adults for a great week at Just5Days. During your Just5Days week, our program staff will guide the prayers, learning sessions, and activities which will allow you more time with your young people.

The Just5Days program staff includes a Program Director, Site Coordinator, and Prayer and Music Coordinator. All are trained professionals with experience working with youth.

You and your team won’t get lost in the crowd! We intentionally hold our registration to smaller numbers (less than 100 per site) to provide quality personal attention and to promote community among youth participants.

Email Mary-Ellen at and we’ll send you a registration packet with all the information you need to sign up and get your mission trip started.