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The Catholic Faith & Family Bible

The Biblia Católica de la Familia was developed to assist families with reading and understanding the Bible, helping all members of the family to grow together in faith.


  • 600 articles that help the family to share their faith and apply the truth of Scripture to their daily lives
  • 1000 Reflections offering explanations of pasages and highlighting important fundamental biblical themes
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible with historical data and useful tips to share Scripture with children
  • A subject index to guide the family to discover the stories, prayers, and most important teachings of the Bible while connecting them with daily family life
  • Reading Plans and lectionary resources that will help you find biblical wisdom for your family and biblical perspective throughout the year
  • Aids to help families read the Bible and pray with it, including prayers and traditional Catholic practices such as Lectio Divina
  • 100 Original pieces of artwork related to specific passages in the Bible
  • Pages to record important family events
  • 20 maps to help visualize the events of the Bible
  • Designed in two colors
  • A recognized translation published under ecclesiastical authority

Text Articles

Short articles are woven throughout each book to aide in family discussion and to highlight key passages in the Bible.

tableimage-understand  Understand the Word. Offers important facts about the Bible and the Catholic faith, addresses difficult Bible questions, and shows how the Bible is relevant to Catholic family life today.
 tableimage-feel Feel the Word. Invites you and your family to reflect on a biblical passage and discover God's message for your life today.
 tableimage-act Act On the Word. Encourages your family to engage in something active that the biblical passage may inspire, such as works of mercy or justice.
 tableimage-know Get to know... Introduces important people in the Bible and lessons we can learn from them.
 tableimage-pray Pray the Word. Provides simple prayers and rituals for your family to help guide your prayer with Scripture.


Catholic Faith & Family Bible (CFFB)

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible was developed so families could read, understand, and apply Scripture to their daily lives and grow in faith together.

Biblia Católica de la Familia (BCF)

La Biblia Católica de la Familia fue diseñada para que las familias pudieran leer, entender y aplicar las Escrituras en su vida diaria y para que sus miembros puedan crecer unidos en la fe.