Hail Mary Ministry

My wife and I were visiting our daughter's at their college football game this month. It was a great 59 minutes of football for the home team, until a Hail Mary pass in the last ten seconds gave victory to the other side. This was a surprising and disappointing experience, but it made me think about why we call it a "Hail Mary" pass.

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Change the World!

One of the most incredible things about high school youth is their depth of compassion, willingness to serve and sense of adventure.  With those three ingredients - they really can change the world.  So what needs changing?  When there is a need not met - that's when change is needed.  When there are children or families in our communities who are hungry - elderly who are lonely or neglected, when mental illness  is not addressed and  homelessness becomes a way of life and not just a temporary thing - change is needed! Service and mission trips help us to keep our hearts pliable and our eyes searching for those in our midst who need the love of Christ.  A high school mission trip with YNIA makes changing the world an everyday event and it empowers young people to stand up, choose to be the salt and the light that changes things - that brings hope, healing and joy. 

Best of Youth Ministry Access for April

Celebrating the Season of Easter with Young People Sessions for the Easter Season Egg-xactly! Uniquely and Wonderfully Made by Rosy Hartz Seek and You will Find: A Competitive Online Scavenger Hunt by Peter Bierer (high school) Baptism: Reject Satan Choose Jesus by Sr. Kieran Sawyer SSND (high school) Body Building: Helping Youth Explore and Experi...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for June

Celebrating Feast Days with Young People June 9 - Pentecost Sunday Appreciating Diversity: Let the Spirit Lead the Way by Evelyn Gonzalez (high school) Celebrating the Spirit: Preparing for Pentecost (An Intergenerational Learning Experience) by Mariette Martineau (high school and middle school) God the Holy Spirit: The Power of Pentecost in the Ch...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for May

Honoring May Feast Days May 10 - St. Damien de Veuster of Moloka'i Praying with Saint Damien de Veuster of Molokai by Robert Feduccia (high school) May 10 - Ascension of Jesus The Ascension: Continuing the Good News by Cheryl Tholcke (high school) Rise Up! Fun with Balloons by Ann Marie Eckert (high school) Go Fly a Kite! By Brenda Cline (middle sc...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for March

Journeying Through Lent February 6 through April 13 Loving God Through Lent by Meghan Hernandez (middle school) Praying Lent: Stones and Ashes by Hugo De La Rosa III (middle school) Return to God with All Your Heart: Preparing for Lent by Katherine Spillman (middle school) Lent Revealed: Extended Service Event by Brenda Cline (high school) Lent is ...
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Mission Trips Really Do Make a Difference

Sometimes we question how much of an impact mission trips for high school youth really make. Do they help deepen a sense of missionary discipleship in those who participate? Or are they a one-time "feel good" experience which doesn't extend beyond the week? God sends me the answer to this question in really incredible ways, and I'd like to share on...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for December

Advent: Celebrate this Season of Anticipation with Youth Preparing Our Hearts: Youth-Led Advent Reconciliation Prayer Service by Susan Searle (High School) Anticipation Advent: The Joy in Waiting by Genni Sayers (Middle School) The Pursuit: Advent Labyrinth Walk by Hannah Quast (High School) 24 Hours of Hope: An Advent Retreat by Leslie Barkin (Mid...
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Forty Years of Partnership with Ministry Leaders

Forty Years of Partnership with Ministry Leaders
At a recent gathering of the board and staff for the Center for Ministry Development, leaders were sharing stories of their first contacts with CMD. My story begins in 1986 when I began work as a Consultant for Youth Ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Sister Edith Prendergast, who was the Director of Youth Ministry at the time, had arrange...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for November

November 1: Honoring the Saints A Cloud of Witnesses: The Church is a Communion of Saints by Jennifer Haman (High School) All Saints Day: A Feast Day for All by Catherine Brunell (Middle School Fifth Night) Communion of Saints: Among Holy People, Of Holy Things by Therese Brown (High School) Do You Have to be Dead to be a Saint? Called to be Holy b...
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