Angel Barrera is a Project Coordinator for Youth Ministry Services for the Center for Ministry Development. Angel has over 10 years of experience in ministry with youth and families in parish, campus ministry and diocesan settings. He holds a Masters of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. He formerly served as the Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Brownsville. Angel lives in Mission, Texas with his family.

Rapid Pace of Newsworthy Change

Keeping up with the news can feel like a wild game of 'whack a mole.' Things pop up demanding our attention and we're struggling to whack it smartly on the head and mark it done or read. In the last three weeks, we've experienced a solar eclipse, earthquakes, wildfires, massive hurricanes, the repeal of DACA, threats of North Korean missiles...lots...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for November

November 1: Honoring the Saints A Cloud of Witnesses: The Church is a Communion of Saints by Jennifer Haman (High School) All Saints Day: A Feast Day for All by Catherine Brunell (Middle School Fifth Night) Communion of Saints: Among Holy People, Of Holy Things by Therese Brown (High School) Do You Have to be Dead to be a Saint? Called to be H...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for October

Respect Life Month ​ Created in the Image of God: Worthy of Respect  (HS) by Leota Roesch Created in God's Image: A Look at Human Dignity (HS) by Sean Lansing Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Cherishing the Dignity of All People (HS) by Julie Vankat Respect All Life 100% (HS) by Denise Heinemann York Respect for Humanity: Understanding Catholic...
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