Sponsoring dioceses, institutions and regions will experience the following benefits:

Common Vision. The Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies™ helps to create a common vision for effective youth ministry among the leaders in your diocese or region. By focusing on Church documents and the most current resources, the courses of the Certificate program provide a foundation for leaders that helps them lead effective ministry.

Comprehensive Ministry. The Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies™ promotes comprehensive ministry with youth by helping leaders to understand the framework for youth ministry, approaches to leadership, and effective implementation of the components for ministry.

Community of Leaders. One of the greatest benefits of the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies™ is the creation of a network of leaders. During the courses, participants work together and learn about community and collaboration. This common experience promotes collaboration among parishes and schools and participation in diocesan projects.

Participating leaders will experience the following benefits:

Confidence. Participants feel more confident in their youth ministry role because they have integrated and applied the most recent and innovative theory and approaches into their own setting and responsibilities.

Competence. The comprehensive sequence of courses provides a solid foundation of theory, theology and practical approaches, which can be applied in any parish or school youth ministry setting.

Credibility. This is a nationally-recognized curriculum, offered in 25 sites and sponsored by over 50 dioceses, whose graduates are in parish, school, and diocesan leadership positions all over the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and Scotland.