The Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies program provides for a partnership with dioceses, academic institutions and regions of youth ministry leaders. The Center for Ministry Development provides the program courses, including faculty, textbooks, record keeping and project review. This allows the local sponsor to focus on working with parishes and schools to identify leaders and encourage participation in the program.

The sponsor sets the fees for the program, promotes the program locally and provides for the facilities and hospitality. The cost for the program is $1550 per course, plus housing and travel for the instructor. Books for each course average $55 per person. There are a variety of ways to set the fees for the program and provide the training for leaders and their teams. Most sites charge a fee of $175-$200 per weekend course for an individual leader. In this case, it is possible to cover the costs of the program with 20 participants.

Many sites find it advantageous to join other dioceses in their area to co-sponsor the program. For instance, if four dioceses commit to sponsorship, each diocese might recruit five to seven leaders to create a class of 25. In some sites, providing discounted rates for multiple participants from a parish or school has enhanced participation and effectiveness. Many sites also provide scholarships for individuals and parish teams who could otherwise not afford to participate.

The 22 sites across the U.S. offer a variety of sponsorship models. These models promote participation of volunteer and paid leaders. The key to sponsorship is to set the fees and provide for the program in a way that matches your local situation. You know your leaders and parishes. We will work closely with you to help you plan a way to provide the program for your leaders.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program, please contact Tom East, Project Coordinator, at (253) 853-5422 or .