Joan is the Coordinator of the Family Bible Project and Co-Coordinator for Young Neighbors in Action at the Center for Ministry Development. She holds a Master's degree in Pastoral Ministry from Creighton University and a Certificate in Faith and Justice.

Five Great Reasons Your School Should Choose a YNIA Summer Mission Trip!

"Young Neighbors in Action was a perfect fit for our school's mission. We engage their intellect through courses all year. YNIA gives us a very effective way to engage our students' hearts while they are out of the classroom. The proof of this comes through the comments from our students. They are deeply impacted by YNIA, and the conversion experie...
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Informing Young Consciences

This weekend our country experienced two horrific mass shootings. And once again gun control became a hot topic. Climate change has reached a critical tipping point, yet we can't agree on action to save the planet. Immigration continues to be a controversial issue, and Americans seem divided more than ever before. Last week the democratic candidate...
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Serving in the Sun

This has been (and still is) quite the winter. Here in Iowa, we've been bombarded with snowfall after snowfall, with lots of below zero days to make life even more fun! So it's natural for our thoughts to turn with great yearning to spring and summer. With summer only four months away, I've been focused on our summer mission trip for high school yo...
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