Joan is the Coordinator of the Family Bible Project and Co-Coordinator for Young Neighbors in Action at the Center for Ministry Development. She holds a Master's degree in Pastoral Ministry from Creighton University and a Certificate in Faith and Justice.

Trusting Jesus Every Day

Twice in the last several months I've had priests tell me to pray, "Jesus, I trust in you." One was to help me through my little sister's journey through pancreatic cancer into the loving arms of our heavenly Father. The other was in Confession, when I shared that it was a struggle to accept her death. I've been reflecting on trust ever since. The ...
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Inspiring Teens on a Mission

I just came off two weeks of Young Neighbors in Action in San Francisco. While sleeping on an air mattress, getting four hours of sleep a night, and not having any introvert time were challenging, I must say that today I find myself inspired and re-energized. Young people continually amaze me with their faith and their willingness to give themselve...
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Accidental Discernment

Since Pope Francis announced the 2018 synod on young people and discernment, youth ministers have been reflecting on how we can support youth in discerning their life vocation and their daily choices. I personally have focused on how well I discern, since I can't help youth if I don't discernment myself. And that brings me to a life-changing event ...
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