Susan is the Project Coordinator for Just5Days and YouthLeader programs. She also writes for Youth Ministry Access, works in marketing for the Center, and has given presentations at diocesan and national conferences, including NCCYM, NCYC, and the LA Religious Education Congress. She holds a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from Loyola University ...New Orleans and a Certificate in Youth Ministry from the Center for Ministry Development. More

J5D’s newest site brings joy to the local community

Welcome to our new Just5days webpage. We are so excited to have another way to connect with you! Last summer Just5Days engaged middle school youth in week-long mission trips in many cities around the country. Davenport / Quad cities was one of our new sites. I had the pleasure of working with Mary Ellen Pfeiffer and Sara Scogland to coordinate this "across state lines" J5D's. We also were blessed with the awesome musical talents of Chris Clow who is Campus Minister for St. Ambrose University in Davenport. The service opportunities were excellent and the youth had wonderful opportunities to serve, play, and pray together. We did have a bit of excitement our first night... at 2am the tornado sirens went off and we had to wake everyone up and head for the shelter area. Thankfully, there was no tornado but it did make for some fun memories! The following is an article from the local paper highlighting our time in the Quad Cities. Join us next summer in Davenport / Quad Cities! July 20-24

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