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2014 YNIA - One for the Books

We have finished YNIA summer mission trips for 2014.  I am always a little relieved - every one is home safe and sound and so much incredible service and outreach happened with just a few bumps and bruises.  It's part of the whole thing though - you don't know what kind of adventure is ahead of you when you sign up to be on a YNIA week.  Who will I meet?  Will I have to do something or go somewhere I am a little nervous about?  What will the food be like?  The people?

Will the t-shirt be lame?  I have to wear a name button everyday?  But then - a day or two into the week and it all seems good.  Thanks for taking the risk and rising to the challenge of a YNIA mission trip.  You are changed - those you served are changed and so is YNIA - you shared a bit of yourself and made us better in a million ways. 



Hail Mary Ministry

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