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A Child's Kiss: A Special Prayer

A heart which is home to affection for God makes a prayer of an unspoken thought, or an invocation before a holy image, or a kiss blown to the Church. It's beautiful when mothers teach their little children to blow kisses to Jesus or to Our Lady. What tenderness there is in this! In that moment the child's heart is transformed into a place of prayer. And it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Let us never forget to ask for this gift for each one of us! Because the Spirit of God has that special way of saying in our heart "Abba" — "Father". It teaches us to say "Father" just as Jesus said it, a way that we can never find on our own (cf. Gal 4:6). It is in the family that one learns to ask for and appreciate this gift of the Spirit.

-Pope Francis, General Audience at Saint Peter's Square (Wednesday, 26 August 2015)
A child's tender and eager affection is a beautiful reminder of the love we are called to have for God our Father. Last year, a video of a child blowing kisses to his father via a Ring video doorbell went viral on social media. The video is a brief two-minute interaction of a dad and his son talking about the kids' channel. If you haven't seen it, view it below:
I identified with some of what the young boy experienced in his conversation. I chuckled to think of the many experiences of prayer I have had where I can only respond, "I don't know what '25' looks like!" There are many times in prayer God's response is plainly laid out before me and I still can't seem to figure it out.

My children are constant reminders of God's love in my life. Victoria (2 years old) will run to hug me every time I enter the house (even if I was just in the backyard). Sebastian (4 years old) constantly smiles and laughs as he plays. Tim (5 years old) is eager to show me all the new things he can do. Max (6 years old) always wants to play catch or LEGOS with me. This lively and dynamic experience is a regular reminder of the palpable love God has for us and others.

How do you promote parents and families to foster love among one another and God?  It may be as simple as a kiss.

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