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Change the World!

One of the most incredible things about high school youth is their depth of compassion, willingness to serve and sense of adventure.  With those three ingredients - they really can change the world.  So what needs changing?  When there is a need not met - that's when change is needed.  When there are children or families in our communities who are hungry - elderly who are lonely or neglected, when mental illness  is not addressed and  homelessness becomes a way of life and not just a temporary thing - change is needed! Service and mission trips help us to keep our hearts pliable and our eyes searching for those in our midst who need the love of Christ.  A high school mission trip with YNIA makes changing the world an everyday event and it empowers young people to stand up, choose to be the salt and the light that changes things - that brings hope, healing and joy. 

Hail Mary Ministry

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