Christ in Me Arise

As we come to the conclusion of the Easter season, it is a probably a good time to ask ourselves, what do we take with us from this experience of Christ rising?

Easter is so full of colors and celebration. When the lilies have faded, the candies are all eaten, and the decorations are put away, the task remains to see how we will let Easter make us different.

When bulbs burst forth into bloom, they cast away the outer casing, and break through the bulb and the earth into blossom. What will we leave behind? What casing has been holding us back? What might we leave in the tomb as we ready ourselves to shine in the light of Christ’s resurrection?

I am feeling a call to let Christ rise in me by giving myself permission to be new. I think I can rise above some things that are “just the way I am” like being grumpy in the morning before the first cup of coffee. Or, more significantly, I can let go of perceptions of others or past hurts. I can let others be new, too.

Consider taking a ten minute “mini-retreat” to pray about this by yourself or with your ministry group.

Have a cross that you can hold onto and pass around. Read Matthew 28:16-20. Pick up the cross and play Trevor Thompson’s song, Christ in Me Arise. 

As you listen to the song, think about what you will let go of. Consider what you want to embrace and bring with you. Where will you burst forth in light? Where will you rise?

Christ in me arise and dispel all the darkness.
Christ in me arise with your power and your strength.
Christ in me pour out your blessing and healing.
Christ in me arise and I shall rise with you.

Trevor Thompson, ©2008, 2010,, a division of OCP, all rights reserved.