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Don't Crowd the Pan

I'm not a chef by any stretch but I've learned some important lessons in the kitchen. One lesson I believe adds lots of insight into ministry planning is "not crowding the pan." I've learned the hard way that if you put too much food into the pan, the food doesn't cook correctly. It won't cook evenly or won't get crispy. It usually happens when I'm in a rush to make lots of food.

I find that crowding the pan happens quite often in ministry. Usually, in planning for ministry. We can be tempted to jam events and programs into every blank space in the calendar. It can make us feel productive as we admire all those neat blocks of space on our calendars and all the activity it represents.

But crowding the pan can end up crowding out the space the young people, the families, and we, as ministry leaders, need to make the most of what we're experiencing. We usually try to compete with the busy-ness and active lives of young people and families by providing lots of alternative busy-ness and activity within our ministry.

Be sure to leave breathing room in your ministry plans, especially for what's most important. Make time for deepening relationships with young people and families. Make time to train and grow with your ministry leaders. Make time to honor sabbath and nurture your spiritual and physical needs. 

Do you have any lessons from the kitchen that can apply to ministry?

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