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Five Great Reasons Your School Should Choose a YNIA Summer Mission Trip!

"Young Neighbors in Action was a perfect fit for our school's mission. We engage their intellect through courses all year. YNIA gives us a very effective way to engage our students' hearts while they are out of the classroom. The proof of this comes through the comments from our students. They are deeply impacted by YNIA, and the conversion experiences they have through the encounter with others is not reproducible in the classroom, nor even in the short service opportunities we offer during the year. We now consider Young Neighbors in Action a partner in our mission."

Lori Spanbauer, Theology teacher, Marian HS, Omaha, Nebraska

  1. Make the connection between the classroom and the world! We talk a lot about faith, but a week of YNIA helps put that faith in action and offers the chance to reflect on Scripture, Catholic social teaching, and what God might be asking of us!
  2. Experience and share your school's charism and mission! It's a gift to the world to live out the rich heritage and gifts that your school nurtures all year long.
  3. Build community among your students and staff while you plan, prepare for, and experience your YNIA week. The YNIA experience builds lasting memories and strong friendships, leading to a stronger school community!
  4. Let us do the work for you! All year long you are planning, creating, and offering lessons, faith experiences, and events for your students. Your work on a YNIA trip is to tend to your students and challenge them to live out their discipleship as you help them love, serve and transform the world.
  5. Know that safe environment is a top priority for YNIA. Whatever your school and diocesan policies, we pledge to meet them so your administration, parents and students can feel confident the students are safe.
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