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Hope - Suubi - Solidarity

Suubi is the word for hope in Uganda.  It is a word that can inspire, challenge or make us run in fear. I am choosing the first two and invite you to join me on  little journey.  I first met Moses in a Facebook Youth Ministry group. He was so excited about what God was doing in his country and felt called to do something for the youth and families in his community.  He was so eager to learn about social justice - a new concept to him.  We had so many conversations about service, justice, what the Catholic church has to say about human dignity, poverty, hunger and needs.  I learned that his community was hit very hard by AIDS and HIV, leaving so many children sick and orphaned.  The community was finding it very difficult to care for everyone....and many go without basic needs today.  Moses challenged his youth group to build a home for a homeless family - and I was amazed at how this poor community and even poorer youth found a way to build a tiny brick home for this family. It was beautiful and of course empowering. The youth wanted something more to do...so Moses helped them feed the hungry in their community. They gave up their own breakfast one day to share it with the school children in need.  I was overwhelmed by this beautiful act. There is no excess from which to give in this community - people are giving from their own food, own shelter, own clothing.  It shook me to my core. I thought of all our YNIA teams - and their own fundraising efforts to come on a YNIA week. You all earn the money to give up a week to serve in the name of Jesus.  It is radical.  It is a paradox.  It is our faith. We will soon be sharing with you a little project Moses and our YNIA team have come up with to bring breakfast to the children in Masaka, Uganda. We hope to have each YNIA team host a breakfast to raise money to help our friends grow maize. This maize will be breakfast for the children. You and I know we learn better, feel better and do better if we have full tummies. 

Look for an invitation to join our project and extend the mission of YNIA and your team to our friends in Christ in Uganda.  Our efforts will change this community and BRING HOPE - BE HOPE and GROW HOPE!



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