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How Do We Respond to Jesus? [Free Movie Resources]

Imagine what it must have been like being Mary and Joseph and parenting the young Jesus. Imagine that you are a cousin of Jesus and you know his true identity even when you are both children. Imagine that you are a Roman soldier charged with killing anyone who is a threat to the Roman Empire and King Herod. How would you respond?

The movie The Young Messiah is a story rooted in Scripture and based on history that imagines a year in the boyhood of Jesus. The story helps us to imagine these situations and consider how the characters would respond. This is really our story. If we are paying attention, we meet Jesus in unexpected ways and surprising places. How do we respond? How do we absorb his example of complete faithfulness and love?

The Center for Ministry Development joined in collaboration with the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry in developing guides for families and youth groups or participants in a faith formation course or Catholic High School. Through these guides, participants will prepare to watch the movie by considering their life experience and key Scriptures that are featured. After watching the movie, they will reflect on key themes developed in the story and will be invited to continue their exploration of Scripture. Consider bringing your group and encouraging families to watch this film and share together in this question that is so important to our lives of faith: How do we respond to Jesus?

View and download the resources here: http://youngmessiahresources.com/resources


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