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5 Tips for Recruiting Youth for Summer Mission Trips

Here are some tips for recruiting today's generation of young disciples, who have so many options available to them for spending their summers.

Get a young adult whose life was transformed by a high school mission trip to talk to your youth about the awesomeness of serving. Remember that college students are home the week of Thanksgiving and over Christmas break. Teens look up to them, and that might be the hook to draw them in.

  1. Use the personal approach. Today's young people need to be invited-not in bulk, but individually. Create a list of those you think are ready for a service learning experience. Affirm the gifts you see in them that makes them the right choice for a week of mission.
  2. If you have older youth who have gone on a mission trip, have them share their experience and why they are so glad they went.
  3. Create a Pope Francis challenge. Use his tweets about serving the poor or show a video of his message to young people at World Youth Day to go out and make a difference. Consider buying a cardboard life-size Pope Francis and take pictures of those who commit to answering his challenge to serve.
  4. Describe the types of service which are typically done on a summer week of mission: a) working with agencies which help the most vulnerable; b) working directly with children who live in challenging circumstances; c) doing manual labor for those who can't do it for themselves, such as painting, lawn and garden work, cleaning, etc.; d) spending time with those whose poverty is one of relationship and who yearn for someone to listen to their stories.
  5. Most importantly, connect the mission trip to Jesus. Remind them that discipleship means following in Jesus' footsteps. He encountered and ministered to the most vulnerable. He taught that the sign of discipleship was loving each other. And he said that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for him. Invite your youth to an encounter with Christ next summer.

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