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Hearing the Call [Free Resources for Ministry Leaders]

Grow in How You Accompany Young People in Discernment with This Free Online Event!​ It's an exciting time for the Catholic Church as we prepare for the 2018 Synod themed on "Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment." In preparation of this important event, join us as we explore some important facets of how we, as ministry leaders, can accompany youn...
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Don't Crowd the Pan

I'm not a chef by any stretch but I've learned some important lessons in the kitchen. One lesson I believe adds lots of insight into ministry planning is "not crowding the pan." I've learned the hard way that if you put too much food into the pan, the food doesn't cook correctly. It won't cook evenly or won't get crispy. It usually happens whe...
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Planning a Year of Ministry for Young People with Youth Ministry Access [YMA Webinar]

In this webinar, we will share ways you can create and implement an effective plan of ministry with young people. Youth Ministry Access is a subscription resource filled with hundreds of sessions and resources for middle school and high school youth ministry. Youth Ministry Access (YMA) is a subscription website designed especially for Catholic you...
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