The Spirituality in Restlessness

Few words are as misunderstood in the contemporary English language as is the word spirituality. Probably the biggest misconception is regarding spirituality as something "other-worldly" and separate from us. Our spirituality is not "out there" but rather it is the transcendent within us. Spirituality is not some paranormal activity, an unachievabl...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for March

Journeying Through Lent February 14 through March 24 Praying Lent: Stones and Ashes by Hugo De La Rosa III (middle school) Return to God with All Your Heart: Preparing for Lent by Katherine Spillman (middle school) Lent Revealed: Extended Service Event by Brenda Cline (high school) Lent is Coming! Are You Ready? by Genni Sayers (middle school) Maki...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for May

Honoring May Feast Days May 10 - St. Damien de Veuster of Moloka'i Praying with Saint Damien de Veuster of Molokai by Robert Feduccia (high school) May 10 - Ascension of Jesus The Ascension: Continuing the Good News by Cheryl Tholcke (high school) Rise Up! Fun with Balloons by Ann Marie Eckert (high school) Go Fly a Kite! By Brenda Cline (middle sc...
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