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Best of Youth Ministry Access for December

Advent: Celebrate this Season of Anticipation with Youth Preparing Our Hearts: Youth-Led Advent Reconciliation Prayer Service by Susan Searle (High School) Anticipation Advent: The Joy in Waiting by Genni Sayers (Middle School) The Pursuit: Advent Labyrinth Walk by Hannah Quast (High School) 24 Hours of Hope: An Advent Retreat by Leslie Barkin (Mid...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for November

November 1: Honoring the Saints A Cloud of Witnesses: The Church is a Communion of Saints by Jennifer Haman (High School) All Saints Day: A Feast Day for All by Catherine Brunell (Middle School Fifth Night) Communion of Saints: Among Holy People, Of Holy Things by Therese Brown (High School) Do You Have to be Dead to be a Saint? Called to be Holy b...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for October

Respect Life Month Created in the Image of God: Worthy of Respect (HS) by Leota Roesch Created in God's Image: A Look at Human Dignity (HS) by Sean Lansing Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Cherishing the Dignity of All People (HS) by Julie Vankat Respect All Life 100% (HS) by Denise Heinemann York Respect for Humanity: Understanding Catholic Social ...
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