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Anti-Racism is the Only Catholic Response

After the recent death of George Floyd, Pope Francis sent a strong message to U.S. Catholics condemning the "sin of racism" and asking us to pay attention to the racism that is happening in our own communities and churches. According to the Holy Father, "We cannot close our eyes to any form of racism or exclusion, while pretending to defend the sac...
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Best of Youth Ministry Access for July

Honoring God and Country July 4 - Independence Day Faithful Citizenship: Mixing Faith and Politics by Sean Lansing (high school)The Christian Patriot: Loving God and Country by Sean Lansing (high school) Honoring the Saints of July July 3 - St. Thomas the Apostle Blessed are Those Who Have Not Seen, But Believe: Putting an End to Being a Doubting T...
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Prepare Young People for Confirmation Online or In-Person

Youth Ministry Access and Confirmation
Prepare Young People for Confirmation Online or In-Person with NEW Flexible Resources from Youth Ministry Access Your parish will need flexible ways to prepare youth for Confirmation this fall. We are excited to announce our updated resources for an online approach to sacramental preparation for Confirmation! Each youth session is designed for...
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