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The Spirituality in Restlessness

Few words are as misunderstood in the contemporary English language as is the word spirituality. Probably the biggest misconception is regarding spirituality as something "other-worldly" and separate from us. Our spirituality is not "out there" but rather it is the transcendent within us. Spirituality is not some paranormal activity, an unachievabl...
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Preparing Youth for Confirmation with YMA

Preparing Youth for Confirmation with YMA

As you are nearing the end for this year's Confirmation preparation, many of you may already be looking forward to next year! You may be wondering how to energize and enhance your current process for preparing youth for Confirmation. You may also just be wondering where you can find easy-to-use and reliable materials to help prepare young disciples.

Look no further! Youth Ministry Access is just what you need!

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Walking with Youth – Preparing for the Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment

Note:In February 2018, the Center for Ministry Development will launch their annual workshop series entitled: "Accompanying Youth on Their Journey of Faith and Discernment." See the workshop outline, sites, and dates here: (Excerpt from the journal article by the same title provided in Youth Ministry Access) In Octo...
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