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Best of Youth Ministry Access for February

Honoring February Feast Days February 3, St. Blaise St. B laise: Bless My Voice so that I May Speak the Truth by Susan Searle (middle school) February 8, St. Josephine Bakhita St Josephine Ba khita: Saint of Hope by Susan Searle (high school) February 22, St. Peter The Passion-Driven Life: Saints Peter and Paul as models for living a Christian Life...
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New Year’s Resolutions – Embracing Change in 2019

I enjoy making personal resolutions for each year. I find the reflective and visioning process invigorating and challenging. I use a mind mapping process to celebrate what I've accomplished and what I hope to be true in the next year. Like many people, my resolutions span from personal health goals, learning new things, improving personal relations...
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Carried to Christ

World Youth Day begins January 22 nd in Panama City. In 1993, while I was Director of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I traveled with 800 youth and adults to World Youth Day in Denver. This was the first time that World Youth Day was held in a site that had not already been recognized as a holy shrine or place of pilgrimage. The ...
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