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Empowering Courageous Missionaries [Free Online Event]

"Filled with the love of Christ, young people are called to be witnesses of the Gospel wherever they find themselves, by the way they live." Pope Francis, Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit, #175​In Christus Vivit, Pope Francis challenges us to respond to the Spirit's call to recognize youth ministry as a missionary experience - one that is const...
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Unlikely Prophets

Concert Microphone
How easily we can ignore Jesus teaching "those of you without sin may throw the first stone." As a society, we are quick to judge others. In his song "Hands On", Kanye West says that Christians will be the first ones to judge him. Arguably one of the more controversial rap music artists, husband to the ultra-famous Kim Kardashian, fashion designer,...
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A Child's Kiss: A Special Prayer

A Childs Kiss A Special Prayer
A heart which is home to affection for God makes a prayer of an unspoken thought, or an invocation before a holy image, or a kiss blown to the Church. It's beautiful when mothers teach their little children to blow kisses to Jesus or to Our Lady. What tenderness there is in this! In that moment the child's heart is transformed into a place of praye...
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