40th Anniversary

Transforming Ministries for Forty Years

40th Anniversary Campaign Logo LeadingSince 1978, Catholic parishes and dioceses have trusted CMD to provide a vision and practice for ministry that is rooted in Church documents, Scripture, and best practices research. Through our partnership with ministry leaders, CMD strives for excellence and innovation by providing practical, field-tested ministry solutions and resources. The Center for Ministry Development is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The Center for Ministry Development leads by helping communities engage youth and families. For four decades, the Center has joined in collaboration to lead communities to practical implementation of the Church’s vision for ministry with youth and families by bringing together research, field tested solutions, and examples of best practices. We equip leaders to envision renewed ministries. Our formation and support ensure that they understand the context; they know the vision; and they have the resources.

The efforts of the Center for Ministry Development are poised to grow and ready to serve communities, but this transformation is a tremendous investment of resources. Please consider providing a gift that will help us provide energized formation of youth and leaders that will sustain the transformation of faith communities.

This is the moment; your gift can make all the difference. Help us as we help the Church receive the gifts of youth. Help us as we help communities form youth for faithful living. Imagine your children, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren growing a living faith that sustains them in living their baptismal vocation. Your support is creating the future, now!

Join us in sustaining this vision and expanding the mission for ministry with youth and families.

If you need any assistance, please contact Leigh Philley at (253) 853-5422 or .