Radiate Christ: Forming Youth for Discipleship
Join us for this workshop series which includes practical ideas and starting points as we explore the ministry implications for youth ministry, catechesis, sacramental preparation, and parish life.
Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program
A ministry education program for adults in ministry with youth in both parish and school settings.
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Preparing Youth for Confirmation with YMA

As you are nearing the end for this year's Confirmation preparation, many of you may already be looking forward to next year! You may be wondering how to energize and enhance your current process for preparing youth for Confirmation. You may also just be wondering where you can find easy-to-use and reliable materials to help prepare young disciples.

Look no further! Youth Ministry Access is just what you need!

This section of YMA provides sessions, retreats, prayer experiences, suggestions for video and music, ways to stay connected to parents, and more as you prepare adolescents for confirmation. View a table listing the current resources available for confirmation preparation that is part of a YMA subscription below.


Youth preparing for confirmation will experience an Encounter with Christ, Formation in Discipleship, and be equipped to Respond and participate in the Rite for Confirmation and their life as a fully initiated member of the Church community.


  • Encountering Christ
  • Being Part of the Church
  • Gifts of the Spirit

Gathered Youth Nights:

  • Encountering Christ Faith Sharing Series
  • Understanding the Creed Series
  • Discernment of Gifts
  • Renewing Baptismal Promises

You also gain access to:

  • Active Prayer Experiences
  • Parent Sessions
  • Tips, Guides, and Resources for Inviting Youth
  • Guidebooks for Parent and Confirmation Sponsors
  • Ideas for Connecting Parents to the Preparation Process
  • Resources for Confirmation Rehearsal
  • Resources for Preparing the Confirmation Liturgy
  • Leader Resources on how to incorporate movie clips, YouTube videos, and music
  • And Much More!

Download the 'Prepare Youth for Confirmation with YMA' flyer here:  Preparing Youth for Confirmation

The Spirituality in Restlessness
YMA for Catechetical Settings

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