Radiate Christ: Forming Youth for Discipleship
Join us for this workshop series which includes practical ideas and starting points as we explore the ministry implications for youth ministry, catechesis, sacramental preparation, and parish life.
Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program
A ministry education program for adults in ministry with youth in both parish and school settings.
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Save 20% with the Diocesan Discount Program!

We strongly believe in making YMA an affordable resource for all parishes and schools. That's why we created the YMA Diocesan Discount Program for your parishes and schools. Through the program, the diocese agrees to strive for at least ten subscribing parishes and/or schools. Then parishes and/or schools receive a 20% discount when ordering! We also provide a free webinar to help parishes and schools learn how to use Youth Ministry Access. The diocese also receives a complimentary subscription for review and demonstration purposes. Best of all, there's NO COST to participate!


YMA High School AND Middle School: regularly $275/year, Diocesan Discount Price: $220/year
YMA High School OR Middle School: regularly $200/year, Diocesan Discount Price: $160/year

As a diocesan director of youth ministry, I was constantly met with the challenge of recommending engaging and sound Catholic resources. I'm sure you maybe facing the same challenge. I'd like to invite you to consider Youth Ministry Access as one of those resources.

Here's three reasons why Youth Ministry Access is a great asset to any Catholic youth ministry and catechetical setting:

  1. We've got resources for implementing the Bishops' Adaptation of the High School Framework in your ministry. Beyond just providing gathered youth sessions, entire retreats, resources for preparing young people to the Sacrament of Confirmation, and journal articles, Youth Ministry Access provides catechetical Sessions correlated to the Bishops' Adaptation document. The catechetical sessions in Youth Ministry Access are wide ranging within the six core courses described in the Bishops' Adaptation document. Click below to see the most recent listing of YMA catechetical sessions: Correlation of Youth Ministry Access Sessions to Adaptation of High School Framework.
  2. Your entire parish team or school staff gain access to the subscription. A standard feature of a Youth Ministry Access subscription is that you can manage a team of users within your subscription. Each user has their own unique user name and password to access the subscription. You can even choose whether you'd like them to have access to middle school, high school or both.
  3. You can't beat the price! It's remarkably affordable at $275/year for everything you get for middle school and high school. You can secure an even better price for your diocesan parishes and school by participating in the diocesan discount program. As you strive to get at least ten YMA subscriptions from parishes or schools, the program will discount all subscriptions within your diocese by 20% when ordering. That's the biggest savings available for a YMA subscription. If you're interested in the diocesan discount program, contact me to set up your diocese and find out how many parishes/schools are currently subscribed within your diocese.

Help your parish and schools gain access to this wealth of resources. It's an excellent way to empower parishes to develop comprehensive youth ministry.

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