FOAM LogoFamilies on a Mission is a way to give your parish families the experience of service, justice and discipleship.

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A Resource Unlike Any Other...

Prayer ClothYou will be hard pressed to find another resource like Families on a Mission. This unprecedented program will help your parish engage whole families in service immersion experiences in your local community. Not only will families grow in faith as they serve and learn together with other families from your parish, but your parish will also be recognized as an indispensable resource in your local community by meeting real needs. Lasting relationships will be formed among the families and between your parish and service agencies in your community. There really is nothing else like Families on a Mission.

How Families on a Mission is One-of-a-Kind:

  1. The primary difference between Families on a Mission (FOAM) and other service learning immersion experiences is that FOAM includes entire families, not just teens or young adults.
  2. FOAM is offered in the community surrounding your parish. You won't be traveling long distances to provide service.
  3. You and your volunteers run the program. You will not be partnering with a professional staff, so you are free to tailor the program to suit your local situation.
  4. There is no per-person fee for FOAM. You pay one fee, and you receive the entire program for as many participants as you want. At your discretion, there could be additional expenses for supplies and meals.
  5. Resources are provided in Microsoft Word format. You can change them to make them work for you.
  6. Families go home each night. You will not need to arrange overnight accommodations.
  7. FOAM is for your parishioners only. It is an excellent parish community-building experience.

A Families on a Mission Kit will be mailed to you for only $195! The kit includes...

  • Hard Copy Director's Manual and binder
  • A CD-ROM with all program materials from the Director's Manual in digital format (Microsoft Word, PDF, and WMP for videos) including...Access to web pages with additional resources to supplement Families on a Mission - This will allow the resource to continue to grow even after you purchase it.
    • A complete two-hour orientation session (PowerPoint included)
    • Three complete three-hour service learning sessions (PowerPoints included)
    • Three morning send-off sessions
    • Prayer services
    • Craft instructions
    • Icebreaker resource
    • Marketing guidance and promotion materials
    • Registration guidelines and forms
    • Service site resources and forms
    • Volunteer management resources
    • A Participant Journal
    • A Family Prayer Runner
    • A Catholic Faith & Family Bible
    • Closing liturgy planning sheet
  • Telephone and email support from the Center for Ministry Developoment for both programming questions and technical questions

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