Getting Started Planning for Your Mission Trip!

promo groupThank you for choosing Just5Days for your middle school ministry!

We know experiences that bring young people together for service, prayer, community, and faith sharing can have an enormous positive effect. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to provide such an experience of mission for the middle schoolers of your community.

From pre-registration all the way through to your Just5Days week, we are here to help you.  Please call or email anytime to ask questions, seek opinions, or to clarify information.

The Project Coordinator for Just5Days is Susan and can be reached at or (719) 418-5381.

The Administrative Assistant for Just5Days is Mary-Ellen and can be reached at .

Sharing Information About Just5Days with Your Parish/ School Leadership

If you are not the decision maker and need permission from the parish/school leadership to consider bringing a group on a mission trip, here are some suggestions for sharing about Just5Days: 

  1. Schedule a meeting with those who make this decisions for your school or parish. For the meeting, have the following information:
  • A copy of the Just5Days Registration Packet (available through Mary-Ellen at )
  • A downloaded Just5Days brochure (available from this website)
  • An estimate of the total cost of the trip and suggestions for fundraising.
  • Choose a Just5Days location for your parish/school team to attend (with the information from the Registration Packet about that site).
  • Option: If you have access to internet and a laptop, show the Just5Days website to the group and view the promo video.
  1. Using the talking points in the downloadable resources, make a case for why you believe your middle schoolers should have the opportunity to participate in mission opportunity like Just5Days.

Ready to Register a Team? What do Next…

Email Mary-Ellen, our administrative assistant, to register your team at . Shortly after registering, the team leader will receive a Team Preparation Manual from Just5Days that includes a variety of resources to help get your team ready! Included in the Team Preparation Manual are:

  • Necessary forms—permission, health forms, rules, how to pack, etc.
  • Budgeting and fundraising ideas.
  • Information to prepare families of the middle schoolers for the week of service.
  • Gathered session outlines to prepare your team for their week of service.
  • Information for adult leaders who will be accompanying the young people to Just5Days
  • Ideas for involving your parish/school community.
  • Information about how to interact with your program team leaders in the months prior to your experience.