Evangelizing a New Generation

As the Center for Ministry Development celebrates 35 years of partnership in ministry, we are seeking to raise funds in the coming year to support evangelization of youth, young adults, and families. Join us in sustaining this vision and expanding the mission for sharing faith with people of all ages.

Send One MoreEach summer, YNIA is in cities across the country serving the poor and those in need. We often meet youth who are unable to afford a week of service, and this project is for them. It works like this: A YNIA team makes a pledge upon their registration for Summer 2013 to raise $375 … to send one more young person on YNIA. The money raised will enable a team from a community often served by YNIA to come and be a part of the mission of the Church—to love and serve others. Sign up today to sendonemore!



Your donation to the 'General Donations' campaign will be used to advance the ministry of Center for Ministry Development.