The Catholic Church offers a comprehensive and compelling vision of faith formation and learning—lifelong, for all ages and generations, rooted in the life of the Church. Implementing this vision of faith formation as presented in the General Directory for Catechesis challenges us to embrace a "full-community" or "whole church" paradigm of faith formation. Parish Team Training in Lifelong Faith Formation provides a step-by-step way for parish catechetical teams to develop a customized plan for lifelong faith formation rooted in the vision and teachings of the Church.


The training workshop, from  9:00 am to 3:30 pm for two days, covers the following topics:

Day 1 morning: Context and Urgency for Lifelong Faith Formation. The catechetical vision of the Church (General Directory for Catechesis) calls us to create lifelong catechesis for all ages and generations. In order to develop a specific vision of lifelong faith formation, this session addresses several key questions:

  • What is the urgency for lifelong faith formation today?
  • How have we learned about our Catholic faith and practice?
  • What is the Church's vision of lifelong faith formation?
  • What does the research tell us about characteristics of effective lifelong faith formation?

Day 1 afternoon: Developing Our Vision for Lifelong Faith Formation. Based on an analysis of their parish's current faith formation efforts, in creative dialogue with the Church's vision of evangelization and catechesis, participants:

  • develop their own vision and dream for lifelong faith formation.
  • begin to imagine the implications for change in the parish faith formation programming.

Day 2 morning: Developing a Customized Plan for Lifelong Faith Formation. After hearing about the four key settings of faith formation and the five curricula of parish life, participants:

  • choose an operating principle around which their plan will revolve.
  • flesh out a customized plan for lifelong faith formation.
  • develop a curriculum of learning for the whole parish community.

Day 2 afternoon: Acquiring Skills and Tools to Implement the PlanThis session provides the tools and resources needed for implementation, along with finding, training, and empowering leaders for conducting lifelong faith formation in the parish. Specifically, participants learn practical steps for:

  • managing change and develop the capacity for sustained lifelong faith formation.
  • recruiting, training, and supporting new leaders,
  • effectively launching lifelong faith formation in the parish.
  • evaluating their efforts and making adjustments.