Participants will receive a workshop packet that contains the necessary handouts and worksheets to get started in lifelong faith formation.

Participants will also be able to view for purchase any of the following CMD developed resources:

Fashioning Faith ( Your most valuable resource for implementing parish lifelong faith formation. Designed specifically for parishes engaged in lifelong catechesis, Fashioning Faith provides Design Tools to assist leaders in implementing a lifelong curriculum, a Resource Center of intergenerational programs and home activities, and a Learning Center with self-paced, interactive learning programs to prepare facilitators/catechists with the theological foundations necessary to teach intergenerational catechetical programs. ($150 per year, access for all parish leaders)

Becoming a Church of Lifelong Learners (Twenty-Third Publications). This sourcebook offers new insights into the Generations of Faith approach to faith formation. It creates a lifelong formation plan and describes intergenerational learning programs that gather all the generations to learn together and nurture faith. The parish should have at least one or two copies. ($20 per copy)

Families and Faith: A Vision and Practice for Parish Leaders (Twenty-Third Publications). Leaders and team members in various roles in the parish: pastors, pastoral associates, catechetical leaders, youth ministers, coordinators for whole community catechesis and others, will discover here practical ways and means for developing a vision and practice of partnership with families. The parish should have at least one or two copies. ($12 per copy)

Intergenerational Faith Formation (Twenty-Third Publications). This book looks at the intergenerational setting for learning about and being formed in faith from all aspects and angles beginning with key principles for effective learning. It then describes the necessary elements for multigenerational learning and explores some of the practices of intergenerational faith formation in the Church today. ($12 per copy)

People of Faith: Generations Learning Together (Harcourt Religion Publishers). The People of Faith resources provide a complete set of resources for a six-year lifelong curriculum. Each intergenerational program guide includes six fully designed intergenerational sessions with a CDROM of handouts in English and Spanish. There is also an 18-song music CD from Oregon Catholic Press that can be used in the session and the participants can purchase for home use. We have created an intergenerational magazine for use at home to accompany each session. Generations magazines include an essay and a variety of activities for adults, teens, children, and the entire household. They are designed as the centerpiece of a Home Kit.

Generations of Faith Resource Manual (Twenty-Third Publications). The parish purchases a copy of this book for each member of the Core Team. This book is the workshop manual and implementation guide for the parish to get started in Generations of Faith. The Generations of Faith Resource Manual answers the question, "How do you practically develop catechesis for the whole parish community?" It is specifically written to guide the parish staff and faith formation leadership. In this book you will find planning processes and practical tools for fashioning and implementing a lifelong curriculum and developing leaders for lifelong catechesis. ($25 per copy)