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Experiencing Solidarity

Just5Days Flooding July 2018
If one member of Christ's body suffers, all suffer. If one member is honored, all rejoice. 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 ‚Äč I recently wrapped up leading a middle school mission experience, Just5Days , in Weslaco, Texas. It was an awesome week with many unexpected events! This year's theme was on solidarity and it sure felt like we experienced that on a wh...
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Being Gifts to One Another

I love Christmas! Celebrating the precious gift of Jesus, who perfectly embodied God's love for us, gives me such joy and hope. Just as God gifted us with Jesus, we too are called to be gifts to others. That's why I think it is so important that we encourage our young people to give of themselves to those most in need. Gifts can be self-serving and...
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Inspiring Teens on a Mission

I just came off two weeks of Young Neighbors in Action in San Francisco. While sleeping on an air mattress, getting four hours of sleep a night, and not having any introvert time were challenging, I must say that today I find myself inspired and re-energized. Young people continually amaze me with their faith and their willingness to give themselve...
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