Sharing the Vision: A Training and Consultation System for Parish Youth Ministry

Sharing the Vision Team HandsIn many cases, the missing ingredient for effectively building youth ministry in a parish is on-site, targeted training and support for parish leaders. You have the wisdom and experience, but rarely do you have the time to design the training programs that parish leaders need to grow their youth ministry. The Center for Ministry Development is ready to help.

  • CMD has designed training programs for you to use in your diocese. You purchase the training designs from CMD, prepare your trainers, and you are ready to offer them to the parishes in your diocese in the ways that work best for you.
  • These programs are field-tested and proven. Each program addresses a specific issue or need, and it includes everything you need for success.
  • You decide what you need. Choose only the training designs that you want.
  • These trainer designs will save you from hours of preparation. We have designed them so they are easy for you to use—and easy for you to engage other leaders in providing training in your diocese.

Each training program is designed to be presented in a two-hour format. Some are designed for parish leaders preparing to begin a youth ministry (pastors, council members, volunteers), while others are designed for youth ministry teams. Each can be done in a customized way for the specific community that is gathered.


How Sharing the Vision Works

  1. Look through the overview of training program designs.
  2. Imagine how you could use some or all of the training programs... creating a training arm of your office, establishing a training day or weekend for parish leaders, engaging a team of presenters to provide the workshop(s) locally, etc.
  3. Choose the workshops that are most helpful to your ministry right now.
  4. Contact Tom East to answer questions and receive the training designs you desire.



Training Programs — $250 each

Each program includes:

  • Complete training design, including prayer and any background information
  • Handout packet and evaluation form
  • PowerPoint presentation file

Special: Purchase 5 workshops for the price of 4 – only $1,000


Additional Service:

'Train the Trainers' Day — $1,000

CMD has designed a training day to give direction and support to leaders who will facilitate the workshops. The day includes information about the workshops, as well as formation in training, adult learning styles, and consultation skills. CMD can prepare leaders for five of the training designs in a one-day program. Dioceses are welcome to extend the training to two days ($2,000), if desired. The diocese covers travel and housing expenses for one trainer.

To continue to serve your needs...

If the training program you most need is not currently available, let us know! If we receive multiple requests for a specific topic, we will create a workshop to address it.